Eco Summer Camp

20Augganztägig27Eco Summer Camp

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20.8.2023 | 12:00
21.8.2023 | 07:30
22.8.2023 | 07:30
23.8.2023 | 07:30
24.8.2023 | 07:30
25.8.2023 | 07:30
26.8.2023 | 07:30
27.8.2023 | 08:30 – Lassalle-Haus Bad Schönbrunn, Bad Schönbrunn, Edlibach

From wild consumption to responsible engagement.

The struggle against environmental degradation and the preservation of our planet must first and foremost become a cultural movement in which everyone assumes their own responsibility, as individuals and in cooperation with their peers; knowing, however, that any true and lasting change is only possible through a deep change in one’s own inner attitude.
The total expenses for camp participants in 2023 will range according to room choice and age from 320.00 CHF (four-bed room without shower) to 1’030.00 CHF (single room with shower). Please take into consideration that there is limited room availability. Therefore, free choice of accommodation is limited. The expenses are all-inclusive and include accommodation, on-site catering, excursions, course fees as well as office supplies. In short, there are no additional costs of any kind.

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August 20 (Sonntag) - 27 (Sonntag)


Lassalle-Haus Bad Schönbrunn

Bad Schönbrunn, 6313 Edlibach


Lassalle-Haus Bad Schönbrunn, 6313 Edlibach

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