Wolf Ecology Research Assistant

Himalayan Wolves Project
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What is the Himalayan Wolves Project:
I, Geraldine Werhahn, have developed the Himalayan Wolves Project (himalayanwolvesproject.org) and currently conduct my doctoral research within this project with the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. My project investigates the phylogeny and ecology of this overlooked wolf with the aim to conserve this unique high altitude wolf.

The Task: This is a technical research position. We will be conducting a microscopic dietary analysis of wolf scat. We will be identifying what the wolf has eaten based on the hair and bone remains we find in the dried scat remains. For this we use a microscope and compare the items we find with a reference collection. The aim of the research is exciting in that it investigates the scientifically overlooked Himalayan wolf and its dietary requirements which are important for its conservation.

Requirements: You have previous experience with research data collection. You have a good working ethics, you are endurant and dedicated. You work auto reliant and precisely. You are used to pay attention to details, even when the task is repetitive. You have at minimum a bachelor in biology, agronomic or environmental sciences.
You will have your own microscope at your disposition. In the first few days you will be trained by me and work with me. The methods are straightforward. After the training phase you will conduct the sampling yourself.

How to apply: Please send your CV and a letter of motivation to geraldine.werhahn@gmail.com. Please add ‘DIET –your name’ in the subject line.

3. September 2018
Himalayan Wolves Project
Geraldine Werhahn
bis 18. Juli 2018

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