Ecosystem Ecology technician

Université de Lausanne
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We are seeking a resourceful and motivated technician to help establish and run a variety of lab and field experiments to study effects of climate change on alpine plant communities and ecosystem processes. The duties include assisting PhD students and postdocs with data collection and laboratory analyses, maintaining our field sites in the Alps, maintaining field and laboratory equipment and consumables, and developing and streamlining new laboratory protocols. The working languages are English and French.

Applicants should have a strong academic background in ecology or environmental sciences, with professional experience in at least some of the following areas: measurement of biogeochemical processes in the field (e.g. trace gas fluxes, soil physical and chemical properties, microclimate), collection of plant functional trait data, plant identification and vegetation sampling, preparation of plant/soil samples for laboratory analyses, measurement of soil biogeochemical properties in the laboratory (e.g. dissolved, microbial and bulk C and N pools, pH) and measurement of soil biotic composition and activity in the laboratory (e.g. DNA extractions, PLFA extractions, soil incubations, extracellular enzyme activities, microbial physiology). Applicants should also be comfortable using, maintaining and calibrating field and laboratory equipment (e.g. plate readers, temperature/moisture/pH probes, infrared gas analysers, ball mills, centrifuges, pipettes) and developing, streamlining and troubleshooting laboratory protocols. Experience with stable isotope approaches (e.g. 13C,15N, 18O), lab management and a good knowledge of the Swiss flora are desirable.

We also expect the successful applicant to be skilled in organization and communication, to possess a high attention to detail and to be able to work independently. Fieldwork can be physically demanding and so a passion for outdoor work under all weather conditions is essential, as is willingness for regular multi-day field stays during the summer. A valid driving license is required.